Located on private land NW of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in area 214. The ranch is 16 miles Northwest of the town of Steamboat Springs. 



General Information: 

Each hunter must provide their own gun and ammunition, license(s), and personal items. Blaze orange cap and vest are required by law for muzzle-load and rifle seasons. Hunters are responsible for the transportation and processing of all game. The weather conditions could vary from day to day. So come prepared for weather that could be warm to below freezing and from dry to wet conditions- so be prepared!

There is a lot of physical activity in the sport of hunting so keep this in mind as you prepare for your hunt. Also the elevation could be a factor for you. If you have any physical or health issues please let us know so we can help you enjoy your hunt.



General License Information:

Licenses (except special permits and muzzle-load) are available for sale over the counter, or by a draw system through the DOW.

Licensing information, draws, licensing fees and hunting requlations can be found at:

Licenses must be purchased before opening day of the season. You must have a Hunter's Safety Card if you were born after January 1, 1949.




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